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Micaela Weinberg has completed her masters degree in the TMJ and related conditions and is currently doing her PhD (doctorate) in the TMJ, neck and shoulder and related conditions such as tinnitus, migraines, headaches and eustacian tube dysfunction.

Talya (better known as Tali) is a naturally hardworking, enthusiastic and energetic person with a passion for helping people. She thoroughly enjoys working with her patients, helping them achieve a pain free life in order to function at their optimal level.

Marguerite (better known as Marge) has many years of experience as a physio. She has done extensive training in the field of women’s health and sexual dysfunction. She brings her niche to the practice with a holistic approach of expertly managing both conditions of the TMJ and pelvic floor.

Bianca is a professional dancer and experienced physiotherapist, having qualified in 2007. Her deep passion lies in her ability to integrate her knowledge and understanding on the intricacies of the movements of the body and her scientific skills of anatomy and physiology to help her patients achieve the best possible outcomes.

Mabel is a versatile, friendly and bubbly person with ten years of customer service experience. She is currently enrolled in a practice management programme in order to sharpen her knowledge and skills in the healthcare industry. With a background in humanities studies, she endeavors to work in any environment that places importance on the wellness of the human spirit and the general health/well-being of others. She is an avid reader with a passion for writing, and enjoys meditating and nature photography.