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Micaela Weinberg Physiotherapy is a practice specialising in the management of jaw (temporomandibular joint) and neck conditions as well as headaches, sinusitis and tinnitus. Treatment is evidenced based and is specific to each patient’s needs.

Micaela’s goal is focused on getting her patients’ bodies better than they ever were, allowing them to continue through life with a new understanding of the way they should be doing things. These could be as simple as sitting in a car or texting on their phones.

Degrees Masters Degree in Physiotherapy
Training Orthopaedic Manipulative Therapy
Work Days Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Early Career

Micaela Weinberg graduated from The University of the Witwatersrand with a Bachelor of Honours Degree in Physiotherapy (Cum Laude). Micaela completed her Community Service at Chris Hani Baragwanath Academic Hospital and then went to work in a private practice for almost two years, before opening Micaela Weinberg Physiotherapy in September 2019.

Orthopaedic Manipulative Therapy

Micaela completed her post graduate diploma in Orthopaedic Manipulative Therapy (OMT) in 2018, which focuses on specialised manual therapy techniques.

Masters Degree in Physiotherapy

Micaela is studying her Masters Degree in Physiotherapy at the University of the Witwatersrand. The Masters Degree consists of course work and a research component. Micaela’s thesis is on the relationship between the temporomandibular joint (jaw) and upper neck (upper cervical spine) in patients with neck pain.

Clinical Supervision

Micaela is a clinical educator at The University of Witwatersrand. She is involved in clinical supervision and marking of Physiotherapy students’ clinical exams.

Micaela's Passion for

Micaela is passionate about treating each body holistically and through an in depth understanding of anatomy and physiology, formulating a solution. This is often done by treating seemingly unrelated body parts to the main complaint but with an understanding of these contributing to the cause of the problem.


Micaela not only offers outstanding expert services, she also develops a strong understanding of her patients...

I have been struggling with Migraines for many years , taking an assortment of medications from my neurologist and had tried everything out there with no success. Recently I was referred to Micaela for TMJ Physio. After 2 sessions I started to notice a difference. I have now been for about 10 sessions and my migraines have gone down from 18 a month to Two a month! I am also off all my medication . Besides the results, I love going to Micaela as she has a very wholistic approach. She’s very professional, kind , profoundly knowledgeable and goes beyond in patient care. I have referred many people to her since! Am beyond relieved and grateful for her assistance.

Deanne Sackstein

Micaela, just to thank you so sincerely for ‘fixing’ my back, after years of pain and discomfort. I was told that I definitely needed back surgery but I now have no pain thanks to you. If you ever give up physio therapy, join the Ferrari Formula 1 team. With you fixing their cars they’d win every race. My thanks once again

Gavin Varejes

Her physical strength, professionalism, knowledge, practical experience, her willingness and genuine concern all combine to make Micaela Weinberg the physiotherapist your body (and mind) want. I have already recommended her to all of my friends who have thanked me enormously.

Lesley Sacks