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Hi Everyone

Hi Everyone 👋

My name is Micaela Weinberg and I am a Physiotherapist with a special interest and passion for the TMJ. I had my own long journey with TMJ issues so really understand what it feels like to be a sufferer. After many years of suffering and trying different therapies, I had a massive surgery which was a huge trauma and didn’t resolve any of my issues. This led me on my path of discovering and creating new techniques to treat the TMJ and a vow to help as many people as I cannothave the same experience as me.

I can honestly say I don’t know what it’s like to suffer fromTMJ problems anymore and hope that you can follow suit and join me on the same journey. In my experience and opinion, TMJ problems are poorly understood and not well treated. After practising for seven years and helping hundreds of patients, we are changing how people see their TMJs.

It used to be seen as a life-long sentence with comments such as “be less stressed”, “do Yoga”, “take an anti-anxiety pill” “You’ve got to learn to live with it” or “there is nothing you can do” being the norm for sufferers. I’m here to tell you, these statements could not be further from the truth.

After completing my Masters in the TMJ and now on the road to finishing my PhD in the TMJ I am very much here to tell you, TMJ can be treated and fixed FOR LIFE. And no, this absolutely does not mean you will be coming continuously for therapy or will be dependent on us to feel better. Does this mean that we fix the WHY? What patterns are creating YOUR TMJ issues? How do we reverse previous damage, prevent future damage and empower YOU to keep your jaw smooth and healthy?

Very simply, we assess each patient individually starting with the function of their TMJ joint to the five muscles controlling the joint to the surrounding ligaments, neck muscles and encompassing fascia. After assessing each structural element individually, we delve into what caused that structure to change into what it has and address each problem individually.

An example of this is the identification of a deviated jaw to the right, a thickened and very tight masseter (main chewing muscle found on your cheek) on the right side and a weak, low muscle toned masseter on the left side. Combined with that, a shortened and tight capsule on the right with a thickened lateral ligament surrounding the joint. So here, we have identified some of the involved problematic structures and then need to understand why? What pattern could have created this presentation? Did the patient have extensive dental work on the left and then adapted a right chewing pattern? Is there a missing tooth on the left and therefore have opted to chew on the right? Is there a structural misalignment that the teeth have a better occlusion in this pattern? Is there scar tissue in the neck from a previous whiplash causing shortening on the right side? The list goes on and on but after a very extensive assessment, the WHY is always addressed and treated so that perpetuation and continuation of the issue AFTER treatment does not occur.

So how successful are we?

Come see for yourself or ask people who have come to us, we have a minimum of a 99% success rate with the other 1% needing surgery which is in very specific cases delved into in depth.


Yours truly,

In TMJ, TMDs and everything in between

Micaela Weinberg ✌️